By Dimo R. Michailov, Esq.|December 1st, 2016|
Date: January 31, 2017
Time: 1:00 pm
2:00 pm

The new H-1B visa cap will open on April 1, 2017. Our webinar will provide an overview of how the H-1B cap and lottery work and our predictions for reaching the FY2018 cap.

The panel will review the H-1B application process from the employer’s perspective and will provide corporate strategies and timelines for filing before the cap is hit. We will discuss:
– how to document third-party worksites and clients, including preparing for site-visits and scrutiny?
– what kind of documentation is required for in-house projects?
– how to evaluate H-1B cap candidates and their educational and experience credentials?
– which job positions are considered specialty occupation?
– how to minimize (or eliminate) chances of RFEs/NOID?
– how to address OPT/CPT F-1 student concerns – cap-gap, travel and more?
– how to avoid common mistakes?
– and many more.

Registration is FREE but space is LIMITED but please sign up early.