Sometimes the government disagrees that an applicant or a beneficiary is entitled to a specific immigration benefit and denies an application or petition, giving a limited time window in which the denial can be petitioned to be reopened or appealed. Our office handles a number of motions to reopen/reconsider (MTRs) and appeals to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) here in Washington, DC.

Our office can review USCIS case denials and prepare an analysis of MTR/appeal options and draft a strategic plan. Often, a USCIS denial is so incorrect based on the facts of the case or the applicable law, that it should be appealed immediately. Similarly, sometimes USCIS makes clerical errors which require a motion to reopen/reconsider to be filed. Finally, there are case denials which, for strategic purposes such as ability to renew H-1B past 6th year expiration, are necessary.

We have handled a number of MTRs and AAO appeals and we would be happy to review your case and provide an action plan. Often this initial analysis and consultation service is free. However, our ability to help effectively rests on hearing about a denied case as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.