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  • April 27, 2017.   WASHINGTON, DC, April 27, 2017.    We are pleased to announce that attorney Alexandra Michailov has been selected as a 2017 Washington, DC Super Lawyers Rising Star.  Read the full announcement.
  • July 16, 2015. WASHINGTON, DC, July 15, 2015.  We are thrilled and honored to be chosen for the 2015 Global Mobility and Immigration Awards by Acquisition International and be recognized with an Award for Excellence in Employee-Based Immigration – USA. Read the full announcement.
  • September 2, 2014. WASHINGTON, DC, September 2, 2014. We are thrilled and honored to be chosen for the 2014 Global Mobility and Immigration Awards by Acquisition International and be named the Best for Corporate and Business Immigration – Washington DC. Read the full press release.
  • September 20, 2012.    WASHINGTON, DC, September 20, 2012 — The Capitol Immigration Law Group PLLC has been named “Boutique Immigration Law, Firm of the Year in Washington D.C.” by Corporate INTL Magazine Global Awards 2012 for the firm’s excellence in corporate and business immigration expertise and service.   Read the full press release.
  • December 6, 2012.     WASHINGTON, DC,  December 6, 2012 — The Capitol Immigration Law Group PLLC has been named “Boutique Immigration Law Firm of the Year in Washington D.C. – 2013 Global Law Experts Practice Area Awards” by Global Law Experts for the firm’s excellence in corporate and business immigration expertise and service.   Read the full press release.

Testimonials – Client Reviews

We claim throughout this site that we will do a good job for you.  We are certainly biased, so we let our former and current clients speak of their experiences with us.  Below are few of our recent clients’ testimonials.

  • K.Y., South Korea (May 2017). Overall I am so happy with Ms. Aleksandra’s supportive and outstanding job to get my green card. She was supportive and professional, more importantly coupled with optimism. Throughout the process, she always returned my emails whenever I had a question or concern and made me feel like I’m not alone. Although my case had couple time consuming RFE issues, she never gives up but provides me with such continuous assistance to end the deal. I would strongly recommend Ms. Aleksandra and Capitol Immigration Law Group PLLC to you-all. Again, thank you for your great service for me and my family.
  • U.A., Nigeria (January 15, 2017).  “[Capitol Immigration] team helped my wife with her green card and citizenship applications.  There was a unique aspect to the green card application that he handled flawlessly.   [They are] very engaged with clients, quick to respond and works well remotely even though we do not live Washington D.C.   I will be referring all our friends and contacts to Capitol Immigration Law Group.”
  • F.J., Portugal (January 5, 2017).  “Capitol Immigration Law Group helped me navigate my work visa as well as permanent residency application. In both cases, the service was professional, reliable, transparent, and organized. Being able to count on the high quality work of my lawyer and his team, and their clear and timely communication, made the process much more manageable and was key in ensuring successful results. I would highly recommend the firm.”
  • K.S., India (December 27, 2016).  “The overall experience with Capitol Immigration Law Group PLLC was very satisfying and pleasant. Our lawyer Dimo Michailov worked very closely with us throughout the life of our case. He paid very close attention to all the details of our case and guided us in every stage. In addition to being professional, Dimo also puts a personal touch with the clients. On out interview day, Dimo treated us with lunch and assured us that we are well prepared and will get approved.”
  • N., Syria (November 19, 2016).  “I was referred to Capitol Immigration through a relative of mine who did a reentry permit.  I am so glad I followed his recommendation. I am very impressed with their professionalism of handling my case. Everything is very concise, clear and explained every step needed to complete my application.   Prompt response to all my queries and great follow up on my case.  Highest respect and appreciation to Attorney Aleksandra Michailov and her team members in taking care of my case and I had the privilege with dealing with such a respectable law office.”
  • J.A., India (November 1, 2016).  “Extremely happy about the quality of service on the long term. Very reliable and professional.”
  • S.A., Canada (October 31, 2016).  “Attorney Dimo Michailov did an excellent job of explaining every step of the complicated naturalization process and was always available to answer questions.  He is very knowledgeable and professional. He is also very prompt with his communications. Overall, I loved working with him and have recommend him to family and friends.”
  • N.S. (October 24, 2016.)  “We used Capitol Immigration Law Firm to handle our I-485 cases [and] they were thorough in documentation, prompt in email replies, provided detailed explanation of all questions we had throughout the process and I am impressed with the documentation they provided before/after the case.  All documents were send to us in electronic format too (no need to scan anything on our end) and saved lots of our time, appreciate their service.  This is my most favorite law firm among all firms I worked with.”
  • S.S., Nigeria (September 28, 2016).  “This is a great outfit that I would use again, if I had to. I have had no regrets working with them. Their communication and mentoring are great. They are an honest firm I will recommend all who are in need of immigration legal services.”
  • R.P., India (September 5, 2016).  “Capitol Immigration Law Group & [Attorney Aleksandra Michailov] has required expertise & understanding of Re-entry permit process/requirements.
    Aleksandra is very professional & she agreed to arrange 1st phone meeting on very short notice. She listened my case carefully & explained whole Re-entry permit process in detail. After 1st phone meeting, I found Aleksandra very professional/knowledgeable & decided to go ahead with application through her.  Start to Finish, it was very well managed & No issues at all, job well done, on time.  I would recommend any one who is looking for Re-Entry permit , to give a call to Aleksandra/Capitol Immigration & decide the next step for successful outcome.  In my case, Job well done!!!!”
  • A.P, United Kingdom (August 25, 2016).   “Words can’t describe how pleased I was with the service and client relationship from Capitol Immigration. [Attorney Dimo Michailov] is extremely reliable, responsive, personable and very knowledgeable. The quality of the service that I received was exceptional and I am very greatly for all their hard work.”
  • T.T., Uzbekistan (August 6, 2016).  “Excellent services. Very professional, knowledgeable, experienced and reliable. I highly recommend!”
  • M.G., India (Jun 23, 2016).  “[Attorney] Dimo helped me with both my concurrent H-1B and green card applications.  He is the only one who had the correct answer about concurrent H-1B with fact backing up. I talked to more than 20 immigration lawyers in the DC area and he is the only one with the correct answer. He is extremely professional, trustworthy and really knows about immigration inside out. He suggested me to contact local congressman when my case is outside of normal processing time. I cannot imagine going through all the process without his help.”
  • K.K., Saudi Arabia (June 16, 2016).  “I am very happy with the service I got from Capitol Immigration Law Group. Our I-485 case was, fortunately, very straightforward. But I always had peace of mind knowing my application was thoroughly checked before submission. [Attorney] Dimo always replied promptly and concisely to all my questions. Luckily, just after 10 months of submission, we had our green cards approved.”
  • K.K., India (May 13, 2016). “The service provided by Capitol Immigration Law group was phenomenal. We felt extremely comfortable asking questions and inquiring about clarifications. [Attorney] Dimo Michailov and [his team members] were fantastic. They were quick to answer our questions and concerns. We felt confident that any issues would be addressed quickly and appropriately. Everyone we worked with was extremely professional and we would definitely recommend CILG services to anyone. Thank you for everything.”
  • M.M, U.K. (May 10, 2016).  “Capitol Immigration Law Group are the most efficient law firm I have worked with. They eased my worry with my situation by professionally taking care of the process and quickly obtaining my reentry permit.  I would gladly go back to them in the future and would highly recommend them.”
  • C.K., India (May 2, 2016).  “Capitol Immigration did a great job in representing I-485 AOS application for both myself and my wife under cross-chargeability. I worked with [Attorney] Aleksandra Michailov throughout the process and I have to say I’m lucky to come across her and hire her as my attorney. I hardly take time out to review anybody or anything as I don’t think review help, however after getting my Permanent Resident Card and working with other attorneys for last 9 years, I figured [Attorney] Aleksandra Michailov and Capitol Immigration are just not any other attorneys they are THE attorneys. I can’t imagine how my life would be today (4 months after filing I-485) if it is not for Capitol Immigration.   I highly recommend Capitol Immigration Law Group. I also want to Thank [Attorney] Aleksandra Michailov and [her team] for all their help. Please do NOT hesitate to hire Capitol Immigration for your immigration issues.”
  • B.B., India (April 21, 2016).   “I must say that my experience with Capitol Immigration Law Group and especially with [Attorney] Dimo [Michailov] was nothing but excellent.  Dimo was very professional, very patient and was helpful in every step of the process.  I got RFE from USCIS and contacted [Attorney Dimo Michailov] with the problem and he assured me and worked with me all the way to send the response to USCIS. I got my green card finally after 12 years of waiting in line.  I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to your team for performing excellent job in getting the green card for me and my family.”
  • M.S., Venezuela (April 19, 2016).  “Outstanding service provided by the very friendly and highly experienced professionals throughout the process. We felt as if the office door was always open for any of our questions or concerns to be answered for the best and prompt support.”
  • R.S, India (April 19, 2016).  “My wife and I were relocating overseas on short-term notice. CILG assisted us in the process and took a lot of stress away from us to focus on our relocation and my new employment. Without them we would have had a lot of pressure.”
  • J.S., India (April 8, 2016).  “I am very happy with the services provided by Capitol Immigration. I am sure all other clients are happy with them. They are brilliant people and are highly professional. There was never a need for me to follow up about anything. They are highly prompt.”
  • G.S., India (December 19, 2015).   “I worked with Ms. Aleksandra Michailov and right from the first meeting we had I was convinced that she is the right person to work with.  Always very prompt in her response to any queries. You have some excellent back office professionals.  I will be to recommend CILG to any one who needs help in US immigration matters.”
  • A.V., Russia (December 16, 2015).   “I worked with Attorney Aleksandra Michailov on my I-485 application. She was competent and open, answered all my questions, notified me of any changes of my case status. And while preparing documents for filing, she didn’t make any fundamental errors which could make my case fail. Eventually, my petition was successfully approved. Now I can recommend [Capitol  Immigration Law Group’s] services to anyone who is looking for an immigration attorney (actually, I have already done [so]).”
  • J.M., Italy (November 22, 2015).   “Capitol Immigration Law Group’s reentry permit service is the best in the market with a very reasonable price. We couldn’t be happier using them and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and acquaintances.”
  • D.A., Nigeria (September 30, 2015).  “Awesome service! The part that thrilled me most is your (Capitol Immigration Law Group’s) open door policy – always humble and ready to listen and help(no matter how stupid our demands and questions may sound). I have worked with law firms who respond to my calls with intimidating “Yes, how may I help you”.  [The Capitol Immigration Law Group] is not like that – you worked with us like your friends.   Plus, you are meticulous – you actually went through all details.   You kept us in the loop, as we went through those periods of anxiety.  Your firm embraced high tech in your service.”
  • B.Z., China (September 13, 2015).   “Very professional! Always responds to me super fast! Explaining everything super clear!  Took amazing care of my case! I did not need to worry about a thing! I didn’t need to remember any important dates at all, because they reminded me for all of them. Seriously, I love this firm and [my immigration case team].”
  • L.M., New Zealand (September 1, 2015).   “At the beginning I was a bit skeptical towards [hiring the Capitol Immigration Law Group] because I found them on the Internet [but] now after going through [the] whole application process and about to hold my [approval] in [my] hands I have to say that it was completely worth it.
    I asked a million questions and always received really quick replies, no question was left open, no question too stupid and the quality of communication that really couldn’t be more clear or easy to understand.  I thoroughly enjoyed being guided through the process and feel that i was spared a lot of anxiety navigating through the U.S. [immigration] bureaucracy.”
  • A. Y., India (August 25, 2015).  “I’m very pleased with how my case was handled. All I had to do was to provide the documents and they did all the work for me. Would recommend them if ever someone asks me about getting a reentry permit.”
  • R.R., Germany (August 20, 2015).   “I approached the Capitol Immigration Law Group with a request for a reentry permit application. They handled my queries very patiently and professionally.  I was impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism displayed in handling my case. All my emails were responded to within hours in most instances.   My permit was produced much ahead of time. I would strongly recommend [Capitol Immigration Law Group].”
  • A.T., Russia (August 18, 2015).  “I’m using Capitol Immigration services for a second time, and I’m fully satisfied with services provided. All my questions were answered, advice and guidelines given to me were really valuable. Finally, we got a result we expected.”
  • G.L., Venezuela (August 12, 2015).  “Capitol Immigration [Law Group] is one of the best things that has happened to me as an immigrant in the US. Very professional people, very kind, very responsible. So happy to put my case in their hands. I recommend them 100%.   Capitol Immigration [Law Group] is on top of the game. Fast response and the best way to handle a case. I found peace of mind once they took over.”
  • G.C., Italy (July 30, 2015).  “Of the three immigration lawyers I have used in the past ten years, Capitol Immigration Law Group is absolutely the best [and] the level of competence is outstanding.  Every step of the process to obtain my reentry permit was very well explained and easy to understand. “
  • A.S., India (July 28, 2015).  “I was very pleased with the service and prompt reply for my emails and questions. I have been given great advice and suggestions in limits of the law and was suggested best us of the legal facilities.  [Capitol Immigration Law Group’s team] have been very helpful and have had provided legal guidance and services beyond expectations. They have been keen in providing information and answering any trivial and important questions.”
  • V.D., India (July 16, 2015).  “Having worked with 3 other law firms of different sizes, I have to say it has been the smoothest experience working with [Capitol Immigration Law Group].  Your personal focus and ability to think and look at things from the vantage point of the beneficiary is unmatched in the industry. “
  • H.P., India (June 16, 2015). “I thought of writing this review because I hope this will be helpful to many of the people who try to find the right attorney for immigration process. 6 months back I was in a situation to file my GC using cross chargeability. I was going through forums, avvo etc to find the attorneys. I spoke to leading attorneys in Chicago, Ohio, etc.. But after the initial discussion, I found that many had no idea and had responded by saying they would get back on the matter at a later time. Finally I found about Capitol Immigration Law through the internet. I got an immediate response to the mail that we sent to them and immediately I spoke to [Aleksandra] and she answered all of my questions right away. Aleksandra was very clear about the immigration process and systematically reviewed our case and followed through the process without any delay. She and Magdalena are very responsive and reachable through phone and mail. They have a lot of patience and took the time to assure me and clarify every question that I had. During the final stage I got an RFE and they were very helpful in dealing with this matter. Within a week after that my GC got approved. I would definitely recommend Aleksandra and Magdalena for all immigration solutions. They are very efficient and professional.”
  • E.G., Brazil (May 20, 2015).  “Immigrating to the US was an emotional journey for me and my beloved ones. It is not easy or simple like most of the people think, and getting the right support was key to our success. We have contacted different [law firms] that we found on the web, and after interviewing with three or four, we have decided to go with Capitol Immigration [Law Group]. The ten-minute conversation over the phone transmitted a lot of confidence and clarity that I could not find anywhere else. It was a simple decision at that point.  This is not one of those companies that charge you by the word or minute, and everything has been done to ensure we got all the needed support. Capitol Immigration [Law Group] also did a great job by providing very useful newsletters and webinars to proactively discuss subjects of common interest of their customers, which were a great help to us during the Green Card process.  We just got our employment-based Green Cards, and I highly recommend everyone to go with Capitol Immigration [Law Group]. Don’t waste your time looking for other companies.”
  • M.J., India (April 13, 2015).  “CILG conducts their business very professionally. Not only are they very careful about filing your applications the right way with no room for error, they are also very friendly and empathize with you regarding your immigration problems. [Attorney Dimo Michailov], who worked on my case, was very meticulous about my case from the start and I believe this attention to detail ensured that I got my employment green card through all three stages without a problem. He was also very friendly and answers all questions that you have accurately. Special mention should also go to Magda and William (who was involved initially in my case) who were also very helpful and friendly throughout the entire process. To summarize, every interaction with every person in this law firm was 100 percent satisfactory and I am very thankful that [Capitol Immigration Law Group] was in charge of my green card process.”
  • P.A., India (March 13, 2015).  “I was very pleased with Capitol Immigration [Law Group]. They were extremely professional and very well acquainted in the immigration services.  At every stage of the I-131 reentry permit process they made sure I had the right information and made effort to speed things up. Additionally, they are very polite and cost competitive. I highly recommend them.”
  • H.J., Korea (December 1, 2014).  “Very accurate and professional service. [Capitol Immigration Law Group] has never disappointed us during nearly 10-year assistance for my family. “
  • N.S., India (October 30, 2014).  “I found [the Capitol Immigration Law Group] when my green card application had major issues because of the last attorney that I hired. I was really impressed how they handled my case professionally and helping me by applying the best of the knowledge.   The attorneys are very approachable, quick to respond and always there to provide options to their clients and help them.”
  • L.C., Mexico (October 8, 2014).  “Capitol Immigration Law Group was the key in my TN visa, H1B visa and Green Card process. They kindly took care of every single aspect of the processes and of course gave recommendations on which path to follow according to my situation.”
  • G.B., India (September 5, 2014).  “It was excellent working with the Capitol Immigration Law Group. Their response time to any query is way faster than you can think.  Their expertise in immigration is great. My mind was at peace ever since they started working on my case. Thank you for helping me with the Green Card process. “
  • H.B., India (September 1, 2014).  “You are always very prompt in responding to my messages, honest in explaining the process and transparent in your fee structure. It was a pleasant experience all along.”
  • B.L., India (August 15, 2014).  “Great job and we are extremely happy that we took Capitol Immigration Law Group for our Green Card representative.  The team here are highly helpful and have very good knowledge of all immigration matters. We are thankful to the firm from our bottom of heart.”
  • I.D., Russia (August 12, 2014).  “I had an amazing experience with Cilawgroup! Much much better than lawyers I was dealing here in Miami. The customer service is unbelievable. Not a question left unanswered, everything was explain very clearly, communication A+. I will definitely refer your company! “
  • M.A.K., Bangladesh. (May 14, 2014).  “I want to thank for services and attentions provided to our case, during the immigration procedure. It is worth mentioning, that the service was excellent at all times, from the moment we delivered all paper-work, until the moment we received the approval of our adjustment of status.    We were very pleased with the service, consultation, legal fees and professionalism.  Highly recommended services!!”
  • M.N, Japan.  (March 11, 2014).  “Thank you so much for your fantastic job in helping our long journey. You have been always there for us with very kindness and high quality legal services. You always make us comfortable and take care each person. We live in Florida but when we need you, we get response right away.   Again, thank you very much for everything you have done for us. “
  • A.H., Pakistan.  (November 28, 2013).  “Your services were worth every penny! I was very impressed with the clear cut information that [CILG team] provided and for answering all [of] our questions in non-legal jargon. [CILG team] was extremely professional and patience [sic] throughout the entire process. I will be definitely recommending this law firm to all of my family and friends.”
  • H.T., Egypt.  (October 15, 2013).  “You’re just the best. I just have never met an attorney [who is so] very detailed, patient and informative in the last couple of years while I have been [trying] to figure out what to do with my status!”
  • G.B., India.  (September 16, 2013).  “I received my Green Card today.  Thanks a lot for everything!  It was great to know you.  You really gave us a big peace of mind ever since you started working on my case. You are always so prompt in answering the queries. You are simply great! God bless you always with more and more success.”
  • S.N., India.  (August 20, 2013).  “We wanted to let you know that we received our permanent residency cards.  We thank you for all your efforts in helping with our application process all the way from my H1-B through responding to the I-485 RFEs.  You are simply the best attorney I have worked with or know so far.  Your promptness and professionalism is awesome.  We will definitely recommend you to all my friends and contacts.  It was wonderful working with you in our case.  We wish you the very best for your career and success.”
  • M.H., Bangladesh. (April 30, 2013). “I am very happy that my long journey towards the green card finally ends here. You have always been courteous, friendly and professional. You always responded to my emails in a timely manner. Anytime I left you a voice mail, you called me right back. There has never been a lack of communication which I really appreciate. You also made me comfortable asking you any questions throughout the process. Any time I sent you something, you turned in around as quickly as possible. I could not have asked for anything more than the quality of service that you and your team provided.  My wife and I would like to say thanks to you and your team members one more time. During my past 12 years in the U.S., I took help from numerous immigration attorneys and I can say without any hesitation that you and your team have been the best.  If I ever come across someone seeking for immigration counsel, I will certainly refer to you. Thank you again.”
  • B.T., U.S. (December 27, 2011). “Thank you kindly for your excellent service throughout the entire [employment-based green card] process. I have been so impressed and grateful for your clear and timely communication. You are very well organized and knowledgeable about the entire […] process. We always felt you were representing us well and moving us through all of the requirements in a very expeditious and professional manner.”
  • S.V., Hungary (December 21, 2011).  “After a frustrating experience with a large and prestigious law firm, I had a very pleasant surprise when I found the Capitol Immigration Law Group.  I became aware of the firm on the web by the quality of information on their website.  Subsequently, [CILG team] provided prompt and extremely professional service in all respects.”
  • D.S., Canada (December 2, 2011).  “The Capitol Immigration Law Group (CILG) did an absolutely fantastic job in helping me and my family obtain my [employment-based] Green Card. If you are after responsive and accurate advice and high quality immigration legal services, I would strongly recommend CILG!”
  • G.D., Venezuela (October 9, 2011). “I am very pleased with Capitol Immigration Law Group services: the professionalism of their personnel, their fast response to all my questions and concerns, their personalized treatment to the client – all where beyond my expectations.”
  • A.J., Bahamas (July 7, 2011). “We found our attorney through American Immigration Lawyers Association’ (AILA) web site. We had absolutely no experience navigating through the process for obtaining permanent residency in the US and were frankly a little intimidated. Our attorney, Dimo Michailov , was very clear in the information and legal advice he gave, responsive –he provided quick feedback and legal advice and was very friendly. He made us feel very comfortable and confident about the decision we made throughout the whole process. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an immigration attorney with no hesitation!”
  • X.,Z., China (June 28, 2011). “I am very glad to have found Capitol Immigration, with their diligence, thoroughness and expertise in this field, they provided us with clear, professional, effective immigration service. Working with they was a pleasure, not only because they helped my family get green card, but also because they are very nice to deal with, even under many stressful conditions (which is always the case with immigration matters.) I am very grateful to this firm and look forward to working with them in the future. I highly recommend Capitol Immigration Law Group to anyone who is looking for immigration services!”
  • C.L., Sri Lanka (June 15, 2011). “Very professional and knowledgeable. Excellent communication. I would not hesitate to recommend the Capitol Immigration Law Group to any of my family or friends. I have already recommended [CILG team] to my brother for his immigration matters.”
  • M.R., Netherlands (January 31, 2011).  “When we’re looking into our options [CILG team] was the only that offered us free advice on what those were.  So when we decided what path we were to go we choose Dimo. Constantly did we get compliments on how well our applications were done and we always got swift and honest replies on all of our questions.  We highly recommend CILG office. There are a lot of immigration lawyers and only a few good ones. CILG team is definitely one of the latter.”
  • Confidential (December 5, 2010).  “When I first contacted [Capitol Immigration], my immigration case had been in pending by audit for over almost two years and I was not getting answered any of my questions by my lawyer. During the initial phone conversation, I was impressed by his thorough perspective and detailed knowledge that I wanted to change my representative immediately. They were ethical and professional enough to ask me to wait until the pending case had its outcome while they provided me the best and the worst scenario which I was exactly looking for from a lawyer. Since they became my representative, I had never had any question unanswered and their up-to-date followup was always better than expected. I highly recommend their service.”
  • P.K., India (December 2, 2010).  “[Referred client’s name redacted] just called me and told [me] about how impressed he is [with] your prompt service.  I’m really proud to have recommended him to you. I’m really lucky to find such a good attorney among thousands of attorneys in this country.  I will keep on telling about you to all my friends who are in-need of Immigration help.”
  • Confidential (October 27, 2010).  “[Capitol Immigration] has provided extensive advice to me in several areas of immigration.  Team seems knowledgeable in all aspects of the process and it is very professional. Communicating with them was always easy and answers were prompt both via email and telephone. I have worked in the past with other larger Immigration firms and the level of personalized attention I obtained from the CILG team was outstanding.”
  • Confidential (October 21, 2010).  “Thanks Capitol Immigration! You were extremely thorough and supportive in helping me in my immigration case. I would recommend your office in a heartbeat to anyone.”
  • I.Z., Russia (February 10, 2010).  “The best experience I ever had with lawyers!  And, being on the long troublesome GC EB-2 track, I dealt with quite a number of them.  It’s not that the service of the other lawyers was awful.  But CILG tean besides its excellent professional qualities, never minded to have a friendly talk and to explain everything in the great details – a thing so important for us, foreigners… I […] was really surprised with the friendliness and honest non-partisan approach he handled my case with.  Thank you so much!”
  • S.N., India (January 14, 2010):  “Thanks a lot for your services as attorney at law in my H-1B [application].  I am very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism you handled this case in every step from beginning until now.  Rest assured I will contact you again if we need attorney services in the future, and, of course, we will refer you to our friends with our highest recommendations.  Thank you again for your extremely efficient professional services.”
  • “I highly recommend Capitol Immigration to anyone who is looking for superior immigration services. [CILG team] has helped my small start-up company successfully apply for an H1B visa. Capitol Immigration’s commitment to excellent customer service is very impressive. I greatly appreciate their responsiveness in communications and willingness to answer all our questions throughout the process. […] We will absolutely use your services again as well as recommend you to anyone who requires immigration services.”
  • H.H.J., Korea: “Capitol Immigration’s service was the top and best that I have ever experienced with numerous immigration lawyers [during the] past 10 years. I appreciate deeply [their] responsiveness and professionalism in [their] service for my re-entry permit under very tight time constraint. Also documentation and feedback was quite impressive. I am very glad that I came to know such excellent immigration lawyers!”
  • P.B., India:  “I reside at Bangalore, India and was traveling to US to get my reentry permit. One of my friends highly recommended this firm and hence I signed up for their services to submit my form I-131. Once I provided all the documents (scanned over e-mail) as per their check-list, they literally took care of everything. All I had to do was sign few forms and follow-up with them via e-mail. They know their business very well and have exceeded on my expectations on all fronts.”
  • S.M., India: “My work with the Capitol Law Immigration Group was superbly handled from the start. I came with a series of conflicting questions, not knowing how to proceed. Attorney was able to organize my thoughts in a way that made operational sense. He was generous with his time, and thorough with detail. I recommended the firm’s work highly.”
  • E.A., Iran: “Thank you for your response and detailed information. It is always a great pleasure to work with someone knowledgeable and responsive. You can be sure that I will recommend you to my friends.”
  • A.K., India:  “[…] and thanks for update, you have really great service and customer care.”
  • M.T., India:  “Very professional and highly qualified immigration lawyers. Unlike others they are not about money, they charge only if there is a real reason behind it. In my case they explained me immigration laws in layman terms, which helped me in making decisions. Would surely recommend others to this law firm.”
  • Z.M., Canada:  “Thank you for your expertise on this [matter]. I appreciate your efforts. Now my father will probably want to start on his [immigration matter] as soon as possible.”
  • T.S., India: “I am glad I found you guys, I have been searching for a good immigration attorney for a long time and you seem to understand the nuances of AC21.”
  • K.K., India: “Thank you for taking the time to help me understand my immigration options. Your help us much appreciated.”
  • J.A., United Kingdom: “Thank you for getting back to me so promptly – I really appreciate that and am impressed with your service.”
  • A.P., India: “Thank you for providing competent and professional service. A friend of mine may require some legal consultation and I will definitely refer him to you.”
  • R.D., Romania: “I greatly appreciate taking the time to respond to my inquiries on such short notice. It means a lot to me.”